Dear Blog,

I failed you again in the month of November. I was confident I had posted something, but never actually bothered to check. I am a terrible blogsman (I’m assuming that’s what one calls themself when they write on their blog; the fact I don’t know isn’t helping my case) and you deserve better.

My sincere apologies,


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Pre-Test Haze

This block has zoomed by faster than the first. Too many tests next week – another set of 5.

My unboxing video has over a thousand views. I also reviewed the laptop:

I’m tired… But I don’t really want to sleep.

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New Laptop!

So, I bought a new laptop. It is the culmination of my long laptop search, first mentioned on this blog here.

I finally settled on a (deep breath) Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro. It’s pretty cool! Watch my surprisingly popular (over 300 views, whaaat?) unboxing here, if you’re interested:

It’s pretty awesome. It’s a Haswell ultrabook and it’s miles ahead of my now 5 year old Dell. The Dell served me well – but it was time for an upgrade. Also, check it out – this is the post I made when I got the Dell! Ridiculous.

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I think I may be suffering from food poisoning. Interestingly/ironically it is making studying micro pretty difficult. I don’t know exactly what bacteria cause food poisoning, and at this rate I won’t figure it out, either.

This block has been… interesting. There have been a lot more mandatories, of varying levels of usefulness. They’ve made me go to class (which is good), but also sapped some of my motivation for getting stuff done over the last week… Which is why this illness is so poorly timed.

On the bright side, I will hopefully have enough free time to make up for this weekend during the next week. Here’s to hoping I can get a little more done today.

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So, it’s October

And that means, technically, it’s the fall! Too bad it’s still stupidly hot outside.

In other news, the State Fair is happening. I’m going a week from Saturday and am ultra excited. It’s pretty much my favorite thing that happens in Jackson. So much delicious, completely healthy and not at all bad for you food.

As for school, we’re far enough out from the next set of block exams that things are, relatively speaking, calm. Of course, it’s been blood pathology central for the last two weeks, so it’s not like I’m wanting for stuff to study. I never really am in med school – shocker.

And… that’s it?

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Blocks & CCOM Hangout

So, block exams are now finally over. I think I did alright, though there’s always room for improvement. I must say, despite the amount of stress/pressure compressed into that week, I still prefer it to last year’s test-every-other-week schedule.

Over the weekend I played some Pandemic, which I bought for the occasion of victory weekend itself. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. Glad to see there is such a thing as a cooperative board game – the competitive ones just aren’t my style any more.

Devon and I spent some time playing Tales of Graces f over the weekend, but not much. I was pretty exhausted, despite my hope I’d be able to play all day.

Something else also happened on Friday evening – the 10th anniversary (+ 1 week) Google+ hangout. I alluded to doing something last month, and so we had a Hangout where I tried to gather as many of the old forumers together as possible. I thought it was pretty fun – we talked for just over 2 hours and I recorded the whole thing. It’s up on YouTube, but private.

We had a slightly smaller turn out than I was led to expect, but more than enough people showed up for it to be a good time. There were some murmurs of doing some more, but those things are usually only murmurs.

And… The HIMYM season 9 premiere was tonight! Amazing. I’m sad the show is ending, but I’m ready for Ted to meet the Mother. There are a couple of shows I have my eye on that are premiering this week, but I’m not sure if I should break my “never-watch-a-freshman-show” rule. We’ll see.

I think that’s it for now.

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Block Exams

So, I am in the middle of block exams – that is, 5 tests in 5 days (one for each class I’m in). It’s my first set of them, and it’s sorta like finals in September.

Monday – Intro to Clinical Medicine (Not bad)
Tuesday – Med Micro (Okay)
Wednesday – Genetics (Eh)
Thursday – Path (Eh)
Friday – Pharm (TBD)

So. Yeah. That’s what I’ve been doing all week. And all of last week, too. It’s certainly trying – but I’m so close to the end that there’s no point in getting lazy now.

Following block exams is victory weekend, where everything gets the adjective victory. Victory Lunch, Victory Nap, Victory Shower, Victory Video Games – it’s going to be, well, glorious.

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