Schedule on Crack- Day Two

Well… I got to skip English today. I went to the cardiologist… Where they did NOTHING!

I have a stress test at the hospital on the 10th of June though. Joy.

Anyway, I went into school late. Mr. Dees had a sub, so I got in there, did 2 vocabulary definitions, and then had to turn it in. -_-

After that, day two of English in History.

Then to Algebra, where we watched a movie, and I did most of my HW. Yay!

Then French. We did out restaurant thing, and we got (Of course) 110%.

Then… The dreaded French Sing-A-Long. It was sick! One song was about Animals, the Alphabet and… Liking Rain. O_O

Those poor, slave-labor kids with ADHD…

After that, photography where I had to do a project thing I had no clue about.

And now I’m home. It feels like Friday. X_x


Before I forget, I saw Iron Chef American last night. Batali vs. Morimoto.

BEWARE: Spoilers below!

I cannot believe Batali won. Morimoto is cooler. And his food was better looking. Spiny Lobster and shrimp noodles. w00t! Oh well. It was funny…


That’s about it.

Cheshil, out


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