Schedule on Crack- Day Three

Yes, the third of four days with a schedule on crack has passed.

Today was the even crazier flipped schedule day.

I was in Computer Discovery in the morning where I was the *lucky* one who got to present my personal power point FIRST!

After that, it was Day Three of English in History.

Then, to Algebra where we watched 5 minutes of the movie (Because some in our class are horrible with fractions and took longer then 10 minutes on the quiz.).

Then, to French, where we watched some presentations and took an [evil] quiz. I got a new lock though… For free!

After that English… Which I’m not going to go into… Grrrr…

Then science… Mr. Dees saw the CCOM T-shirt (Among a ton of other people), and went to the site.

Today was CCOM T-Shirt day. I wore mine with pride, and Jorge wore his. My shirt was popular.

Oh, and I watched Iron Chef America again last night. SPOILERS

Morimoto vs. Puck, battle Egg
Morimoto got MURDERED! Oh well…


Also, I did the Mod thing. It should be done tonight.

That’s about it…

Cheshil, out! ( <—Since you can’t see my t-shirt


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