Ok, ok… I played Tales some more.

I’m at 19 hours… I shall talk about my gaming…

The game is funny. From Raine’s constant hitting of Genis, to Lloyd being… An idiot.

And then Colette. Here’s an example scene with Colette (It’s exaggerated, yes)…

Big Evil Boss: I kill j00!
Colette: Let’s be friends!
Lloyd: O_O
Raine: It’s a–
Genis: Shut up!
Raine: *Kills Genis*
Colette: Friends!

*5 Minutes into battle*

Lloyd: It’s evil!
Raine: *Kills Lloyd*
Colette: *Falls, trips switch, kills boss* YAY.

…Yes, it’s very interesting.

Plot stuff? KRATOS IS T3H EVIL! And Remiel is too. But he’s stupid.

And the shiny fly-ish things. Yeah.


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