I’ve been plaing PoP: SoT since I got it… Yeah, it’s fun.

I’m like 30% through it… So yeah, I haven’t played THAT much. >.>

Um… Yeah, that’s about it. Oh, I guess I could…

Taken From the 2nd Edition of the Script of Teh Star Fights

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


A year and a half ago, Jorge, Cheshil, and Tim originally came up with the idea of the movie. After much procrastination they have finally… Er…

Ahem. The evil Galactic Umpire… Empire, has waged a galactic war across the… Galaxy. A small band of rebels, called the Rebels, are… Rebelling.

A young hero, Luke Humbucker, from the dessert… Um… Desert planet of Tato… Tatto… Tartar… DesertLand, is a gifted pilot who joins the Rebels in hopes of defeating the Empire.

With his allies Guitar Solo and Obi “I Die Too Fast” Kenobi, Luke secretly begins a mission to find out why the galaxy’s most feared evil person, Darth Vada Mon, is supervising the Empire’s most feared SECRET WEAPON: The Dread Star! Not to be confused with Death or Dead…”


I thought I should post some of these great links:




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