School, again

So anyway, we went back to school on Monday.

To summarize Monday:


Yeah, it was… Boring.

But today wasn’t. Recap:

Chem – We… Took notes, watched this movie, and… Yeah. I did some extra credit. A page worth, actually. <.<

Alg2 – Inequalities. Blegh. But, better than word problems. Yeah. Notes, we took many of them. Easy HW, though

French – Um… Went over some work, some sort of lecture I didn’t really listen to (about directions… Confusing)… And this thing we’re going to make into a conversation. Oh, and a French Scrabble type game. We won. It’s because Jorge and I had micro.

Lunch – Yes, lunch gets it’s own area. Um… Free backpack. Finally get rid of my dying current one. Working on the RA2 TGJT. Doesn’t sound like that great of an idea, but meh. Maybe.

World Hist. – Well, work, obviously. A lot of it. Busy work. But we talked about the Scarlet Pimpernel while “working”. Niiiice.

Okay, and after school…

Okay, so I was playing Generals (Zero Hour, actually) as USA Air. It was terrible, I mean I was doing good in the beginning.

So I was like allied with a Medium China Tank (Mistake). I was playing about two Medium GLAs. It was good, I had a nice air force, but then they got like 2 Scud Storms before I could like get more than 2 particle cannons. It was bad, because I got owned. Then, I tryed to rebuild (After losing just about all of my units) and this plain flew over me, and dropped this anthrax bomb.

All of my work was killed again.

But I didn’t stop, I was still trying to build. My ally was dying, so I was alone. I was totally using stealth Comanches and my micro to like keep the enemies out, but they all had like toxin weapons and killed my infantry and stuff.

I didn’t lose, but it’s like a useless fight now. But I’ll call it a draw.

Notice my RTS stuff is longer than the school stuff? =P


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