I’ll talk about today, as usual.

Did nothing in Chem, some HW in Alg2, some more HW in French (We finished Casablanca), and no HW in the Class of Death.

So, maybe I should go into the real point of this entry?

Alright, so it starts in 3rd Block.

Jorge was asking me if someone had asked me to Homecoming (Something Blake thought up), and I was like “No… Where’d you hear that?”

And he didn’t say much and talked about going to homecoming (didn’t really pay attention, =P).

Fastforward to lunch. Megan came by our table and was, get this, smiling. Which, if you know her, is usually a sign of violence. Or so I believe. <.<

Anyway, she was like “Are you going to go to homecoming with Melissa? Did you say yes?” and I was like, “Wha..?” and she asked again and I said I had no clue what she was talking about and she was like “Oh, uh.. Forget I said anything.”

Yeah, by that time I figured it out, Jorge. I was just kinda like o_o. More or less.

And, for whatever reason, Jorge, Liana, and Chris seemed to have decided I was entirely oblivious to what Megan said (Which, for the record, I was not).

So anyway, 4th Block, the class of pain. After a movie about the French Revolution (Which I saw in 7th Grade), and at the end of class I was doing nothing. And then like Molly hugged me and said “Congratulations”, and I was like O_o.

So, we’re leaving class and like always I waited for Melissa and Jorge. I was talking to Blake (Who’s shorter than me. Really.), and then he left. In the “silence” that followed, this happened:

Jorge: (Quietly) Go on! Do it.
Melissa: What?
Jorge: Do it!
Me: Jorge is trying to tell you something I OBVIOUSLY can’t hear.
Melissa: Oh… Uh… Cheshil will you go to homecoming with me?
Me: Sure, I’d love to.
Melissa: (Surprised, it seems) Really?

Yeah, and it went on. So yes, I’m going with Melissa. It seems as though she asked a lot of people what I would say (Which explains John, Jorge, Devon, Liana, Megan and Chris) and all (or most) thought I would say no.

Yeah, you people were wrong.

Jorge sort of… Died after that. O_o

He was surprised that I wasn’t surprised. Or something.

So yeah, good day.


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