Smaller Clubs?

So, my day.

Chem – Notes, Test is now TBA and Lab tomorrow. w00t!
Alg2 – Work, Notes, Test Tomorrow
French – Nothing for most of the period, and then some story sheet thing.
AccWldHist – Scarlet Pimpernell! w00t! And some HW that we can’t answer.


Chem – 98 (97.7)
Alg2 – 94 (w00t!)
French – 101.something
AccWldHist- 97

After School – Played some ZH again. Online. Got pwned.

[EDIT: Forgot about French Club! There was an amazing turn out. Three of us. Smaller than Model UN, even. Crazy. I’m co-president. w00t. Meeting in like 2 weeks.]

Pep rally and a game tomorrow.

Note to Self: Melissa is going to wear pink, get a matching corsage. Yes, it’s a corsage. Don’t forget the word again. And grow a few more inches.


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