It’s already Thursday, wow. o_o

As I wait for my Naruto Torrent to finish so I can go play some ZH online, I’ll tell you the latest happenings…

Model UN was yesterday. I am now one of the Delegates of Russia! w00t. Chris and I.

Ninja club was supposed to be today. It wasn’t. unw00t.

I no longer play USA Air in ZH. I now play China Nuke. <.<

Um… I’ve had easy HW.

In Algebra 2, we’re doing Systems of Equations, which are much more fun and easy than I remember.

You know…

5x + 2y = 14
-4y + 3x = 5


It’s much fun.

Two tests tomorrow. <.<

My Ninja costume is all but ready. Shuriken.exe, need to finish that.

*Only 14% Left*

*Insert talking here*

I’ve been tired lately. And my shows have been boring, too. *Sigh*


Okay, I’m out of stuff to talk about. UNTIL NEXT TIME!


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