Super Hero Day

Okay, so today is teh Monday.

Or, in better terms, The Monday of Neverending Notes. Or something.

First, Chemistry. We started the next chapter, “Chemical Bonds”. Yay. About one and a half pages of notes. Which is really, really annoying. In Chem we usually do… A page? It was a lot, really. Boring stuff, too. o-o

Second, Algebra 2. To add to the pain, we are now on “Systems of 3 Equations”, or, in other words, “Takes-5-Minutes-To-Do-One” equations.

Here’s an example:


Yes, those evil problems that are pretty easy, but take forever. They make me sad. Like… Really sad.

The whole… “Take Up Half a Page to do One” also included a ton of writing. And lots of arrows.

Third, French. What do we do at the beginning of class? Seven sentences to translate, which isn’t much, but considering the above, it was annoying. And, of course, working on the translation of our great Naludo story.

Finally, World History. Nothing much really, went over some answers, and got a project of sorts. Sock puppet of Karl Marx, w00t! Socialism Puppet. Ha! Not that much writing.

Of course, to end such an uneventful day, SOMETHING has to happen. We had our complete French Story thing, and we had it in Jorge’s Jarmen Gun (Different story =P). With like… One minute left in class, he let Ian see the gun… And he never got it back. A page of story IN FRENCH. Gone. GONE. Gah. Not. Cool. At. All.

So yeah.

Anyway, I got home, and spent like an hour doing 8 problems of Algebra 2 HW.

That’s about it.


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