So, as usual, my day.

I actually don’t see the point in this, but the 5(+) comments I get per day forces me to continue. =P

Chemistry, as usual. Notes, some stuff about drawing bonds. It’s actually kind of fun. Chemistry is awesome. <.<

Then, of course, to Algebra 2. Went over teh evil homework, and then won on to… More systems. But not just regular kinds. Kinds with… INEQUALITIES. Which, if you aren’t sure, I hate. Like… You know. With a passion. DIE INEQUALITIES. DIE.

And then… French! Jorge and I worked on our Ninja story. And finished it. Sadly, we had no chance to present. So I’ll color it tonight. <.<

And on to Fourth, the land of Hubal! Instead of actually working on our packet for long, we had to go OVER stuff we finished like… Last week. I mean, it’s good to get answers, but I want to get it done before it’s due. I mean, this weekend basically is not going to be a good time for doing HW. So yeah.

Pretty boring, nothing really happened.

Tomorrow – Ninja Day/Exams in 3rd and 4th (Exempt from 4th!)
Thursday – Exams in 1st and 2nd
Friday – Homecoming Game
Saturday – Dance
Monday the 31st – Halloween
Weekend of Dec. 11th – Panthers vs. Tampa Bay with Dad
Fast Forward to Summer…
June? Maybe July – Michigan

Yeah, I had to make a note of that for myself.


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