Welcome to Thursday, November 17th!

Today was:

*Homework Filled.

And to recap!

Chemistry – Easy stuff. We had some work and I was like, “Oh, I can finish this at home. I won’t have much work.” Oh how wrong I was.

Algebra 2 – Seventy-something questions. Pain. It was factoring, but for whatever reason I couldn’t work it well. Quite miserable, I’m good at factoring, but today was… Terrible. Stupid exponents.

French – Waste. I finished my project in like 5 minutes. I was SO bored. I need a new book. Something to keep me entertained.

World History – New packet. Easy stuff, but I was sick of work already, so it was irritating.

I still need to finish that Chemistry stuff and work on my brochure. And possibly the packet.


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