Five Days

This is that obligatory post that is incredibly long that details what I have done since Tuesday. Have fun.

Heh, yes, the days are all in cuts because I felt like it.

So, Tuesday was school. Skipping that, it was Jorge’s last day. You already saw my post about that, but his party thing after school was cool. Yeah.

To Jackson! Yes, I spent 3 hours in teh TL going to Jackson. We spent like 45 minutes in Krystal’s at trying to get food. Which we did, but yeah. I ended up in Jackson, and we saw Harry Potter.

Look at previous post for opinions on that.

Ah, Thanksgiving. Overall, this year was REALLY weak.

We didn’t have very much good food, and I didn’t have Pumpkin Pie. Meh. However, I stayed up until Midnight for…

…Black Friday!

Yes, I was at CompUSA at Midnight to get some stuffs. Got a new keyboard and mouse, Logitech, and wireless, for $40 off, and some new speakers, w00t! Also wanted Half-Life 2 ($30), but they didn’t have it. N00Bs.

And from there, at about 12:15, until 5:00, I was at Best Buy. It was great, we met these people and just talked and planned. Right before it opened there was this fight and stuff.

Some people were trying to cut in line and this guy started yelling at them and he pushed her and the police dude came and was yelling and there was drama.

After the drama, we got inside and tried to find this DVD writer.

Here is what happened:

Guy Outside said it was in the top right corner of the store.

Top Right Corner Guy said it was in the middle right computer section.

Middle Right Computer Section Guy said it was NOT in his section, but “outside” of the sectioned off area.

So we had to push through the line until we got it. By that time, we had teh sw33t lappys, and stuff. Also got DVDs (Is Arrested Development any good?), and other stuff. It was cool.

We were done by 7:00 (AM). The rest of the day is a blur, in and out of sleep. My cousin got the Sims 2, that was cool.

Yes, Saturday.

The day I was supposed to come home, the day I was supposed to finish my evil Hubal book. But we stayed and I didn’t finish it. We did’t do much, watched a movie (Bewitched), and played teh Sims.

Got up early and left. Ate at a better Krystal’s, so no long line.

My grandparents are staying with us for a few days. I finished evil Hubal Book and typed up my articles. and now I wait for my Naruto torrent to finish. 88.6%.

I can’t use my new keyboard/mouse yet, since we don’t have batteries (AA, I mean. We have tons of C and D batteries).

And there you have it. My holiday.

I don’t want to go to school tomorrow, but meh. Naruto just finished, yay!

Maybe I’ll scan my black friday list later.


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