Haha, Awesome — From Megan

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1) If took over the world, who would suffer? All people who hate DDR.
2) Is related to you? Nope.
3) If and were siamese twins, where would they be joined? I have no idea.
4) Would and make a good couple? ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL
5) Is a nerd? I can’t answer this without being killed.
6) Is dead sexy? Same as above.
7) What would give for his/her birthday? Haha, I don’t want to know.
8) What languages does speak? English?
9) Did break up with you? No. o_O
10) Where was born? I have no idea.
11) If and were spliced together, what would it be like? Kyorge?
12) How long have you known ? Um… 8th Grade?
13) How long would dating last? Hm… I’d give it 2 weeks.
14) One quality you find attractive in ? Though there’s a 50% chance I’ll die for this, Debby is nice (at least, usually =P).
15) What comic book character would be? AnnoyingMan.
16) Would you ever date ? I don’t think we have that much in common.
18) What would think of ? I have no idea.
19) What is ‘s favorite movie? No idea.
20) What is ‘s favorite game? Not sure.
21) What is ‘s favorite color? Uh… Blue? Red?
22) Do you have a crush on ? o_o No. That’s Miles. <.<
23) Is introverted or extroverted? Um… Maybe?
24) Has been to your house/dorm? Nope
25) Is friends with ? Don’t think so.
26) Does drink? No idea
27) Would go out with ? More than likely not.
28) Has dyed their hair? Not in the time I’ve known him.
29) What is ‘s favorite band/artist? No idea.
30) Is 1337? Yep
31) Are and married? No
32) Would you wrestle in jello? Of course!
33) Have you ever dated ? No
34) How would kill ? There’s a chance.
35) If was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Zombies, I’d assume.
36) Would be a better ninja or pirate? Ninjas > Pirates
37) What is ‘s shoe size? Um… 13? Roffle. =P
38) Is a college student? nope.
39) Do and go to the same school? No
40) How would conquer the world? *shrug*
41) Where was born? No idea.
42) Do you have ‘s screenname? Probably.
43) What would you do if you found out has a crush on you? ALERT THE TABLOIDS. *Cough*
44) Where did you first meet ? I can’t remember 100%
45) How tall is ? Taller than me. (Wow, that’s an easy set up)
46) Is single? Not that I am aware of.
47) If had a superpower, what would it be? The power of satan.
48) What is ‘s biggest flaw? Hm… Being taller than me.
49) What do you disagree with about? Haha, many things.
50) Does smoke? I don’t believe so.
51) ‘s hair color? Uh…
52) Is your best friend? No
53) Does have a big secret? Maybe.
54) What video game does remind you of? Anything invloving Water. >.>
55) Is a high school student? Yeah.
56) Is in a relationship? No Idea.
57) Does do drugs? Don’t think so.
58) Which of your friends should go out with? What was her name? Cassie? Yeah. From the chat.
59) What mental disorder does remind you of? Being Shorter than me is as good as a Mental Disorder as there ever was.
60) Could you see and together? No.


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