Okay, okay, I’ll do it too.

With all of these “bring up everything in the last year” posts, I’ve decided I’ll have to follow the crowd.

First, the first thing in my journal at the beginning of last year, I will adapt for this year:

Only 95 years until AD 2101!

Yes, aren’t you happy? I am.

So, the year 2005. What happened first in 2005, other than school? Mississippi Studies (With Mr. Webb), Tech Discovery (AKA the class of wtf), Journalism (The ‘oh-no-lots-of-work-NOT’ class), and then Acc. English (Evil).

In February, it seems I played StarFox Assault, a little too much. I still remember that game, roffle, it was pretty good. Too bad it was so short. And, the 99 Stock Match, one of the best TGJTs ever, IMO.

March. The end of the quarter. Spring break, the EE TGJT, good stuff.

April, my birthday. Got that nice DS, and some CCOM stuff. It was a pool party, too. Too bad we didn’t have the SONG Pool Party. But still. April also included teh April Fool’s TGJT.

May. The end of the freshmen chapter of high school, the month I got my permit, and the beginning of SV. Good stuff.

June, the filming of Teh Star Fights, which, sadly, never came to be fully realized. Maybe this year?

And then July, where I went on a vacation FINALLY after so many years. To Orlando (to see my Uncle), then to Universal Studios and Wet ‘N Wild Water Park Place, and then to Sanibel Island, where we dueled with Hurricane Dennis, before have a nice vacation.

And then things went bad. August began with school, and the loss of Miles. They just kept going wrong when on August 29th, most of our lives changed forever with the arrival of Katrina.

Katrina. I spent my hurricane days in Jackson, going without power for a day, and, at one point, believing I would have no home to return to. When we found out we did have a home standing, we realized we HAD to get home. And that began the week of trying to find gas, which had 4 to 5 hour long lines at gas stations that MIGHT be getting gas.

I felt like I was betraying OS and everyone I knew by spending a week trapped in Jackson, without knowing how everyone was, and, even though I knew it couldn’t be helped, I felt like the lack of gas was just an excuse.

I resolved on those days that I would return and I would volunteer, an idea shattered by the Red Cross’ age requirements. But I did help, to the best of my abilities, at Liana’s.

That takes you through the main part of September, the rest of it dealing with returning to school (which was so great).

October, what happened then? Hurricane Wilma, which I kept a big eye on. And, of course, homecoming.

Homecoming, what can I say? It turned out wrong, the opposite of how I wanted it to go. But, I’ll have to say it, it was an experience. Not a good one, but still. I can’t say I had fun, but, after thinking about in the days after it, it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be in my own head. Also, next year? I’d be willing to go to homecoming again, maybe not with a date (or maybe with one, it depends), but still. I think if we had concentrated more on the ‘friends’ aspect of homecoming then the ‘dates’ aspect, it would’ve been much better. But anyway.

November. It was just two months ago, but I barely remember it. What happened? Nothing great, failing NaNoWriMo, Jorge leaving… Not a good month. Not at all.

December. The Model UN convention preparations began then, what a big deal it is. Nothing really happened until break, which was what it was supposed to be: a relaxing vacation.

When I look back at the year, I see that it was a good year, until August. In August, I think everyone here will agree, things turned for the worst, and, for me at least, they haven’t turned back yet.

But this is a new year. If anything, 2006 SOUNDS nicer than 2005. And plus, what’s the worst that can happen this year?

Also. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. <.<


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