Begin: Semester 2

The second semester! New classes!

TA – Got schedules. Everything was fine until I learned they switched me from Ms. Henderson (Easy English 2) to Mrs. Grimm (Hard English 2)… *Sigh*

Trig – Mr. Jones is monotone. But cool-ish.

Adv. Algebra – Mrs. Wilkerson is cool. All of the juniors in the class have decided I’m a genius.

Lunch – Lunch for me is now from 11 to 11:30. Blegh. But Blake, John, Tony, and Chris are in my lunch.

Art – Chris is in this class with me. But Art? *Blegh* The teacher is SO weird…

Acc. English 2 – So, unlike the other Acc. English Class, who did nothing, we… WROTE AN ESSAY. On the first day! AN ESSAY! Not just an essay though, an essay… FOR A GRADE.



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