I should update more often. >.>

Okay, I’ll go over today.

Trig-Land – Some stuff… We have a quiz tomorrow, I need to learn the formulas. <.< *Cough*

Adv. Algebra – Algebra and Geometry together. Ugh. Sick… It’s not that bad, a lot of review so far, but still. Annoying homework.

Lunch – Didn’t really do anything today.

Art – It seems that Chris, Will, and I are on the bad side of teh Mr. Hill because we talk while we work. But we’re as far as, or further, than everyone else in the class. Gah.

English – Meh. We worked on point of view, and some stupid story. I had to read this story about ants after school. Gah, too much detail. My skin was crawling. o_O

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be teh pwn. Schedules! Yes, and that means… Shorter first and second blocks! Yes, less of my least favorite classes.

Not that English and Art are any better. But the lesser of two evils. Less work. Yeah.

I have 24 and Medium tonight.


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