Almost Feb. w00t!

Today began boring and ended the same way.

So, first was Trig, where I spent the first maybe 30 minutes doing nothing. Just… Talking. With people I don’t like all that much, either. And then we got our quizzes back, and I got an 89. -_- I made some stupid mistakes on the front, plus the 1 and a half I talked about yesterday. I really should think about his questions a bit more. So stupid. Of course, after that, we took notes… Sine and Cosine. So confusing. Not the actual subject, just how he teaches it… It’s hard to pay attention, and his voice is so quiet… But yeah, I basically got out of it that x/r = cosine and y/r = sine. Or something. And then, the bell rang, with a long looking assignment.

Of course, again changing our usual routine, I went to TA. What did I do there? Turned in my green schedule sheet and sat there. It was boring… But since I finished Red Storm Rising yesterday (I’ll review it, if anyone wants me to), I didn’t have anything else to read. Meh. After that, to the annoying 2nd block.

Adv. Algebra, as usual, was boring. We learned some more function things. We have a test tomorrow, and I should study for that… But I probably won’t. To my horrow, they actually followed TA schedule and extended the class by [an incredibly painful] 10 minutes. Ugh. But we got this homework, and I thought it would be hard, but she actually explained it well enough so that I was able to finish all of it in like 10 minutes (first time EVER in that class).

Next, the best part of the day, Lunch, came. I ate (duh), and then we were talking. Then Chris remembered he had to show Liana where Mrs. Grimm’s room was, or something like that. Realizing Blake was going with them and I would be stuck with Stylus and Tony, I went after them. This prompted Tony to follow, and then brought Stylus. Taking the smart choice, I slowed down so that Stylus would pass and turned back to go sit down. Tony followed. About a minute later, John came, so it worked out. Liana/Chris/Stylus/Blake came back a few minutes after that. John had a Stargate book, w00t! And Liana attempted to kill me. AGAIN. And so did just about everyone else. But I’m much too intelligent to be assassinated so easily. Really.

Sadly, lunch has to end, and after that comes the dreaded Art. Chris forgot his folder, and spent the entire class period: killing chalk, killing erasers, cutting up construction paper for no reason, and every once in a while drawing a hand. I managed to cut out all of my hands and start on my big design thing. It’s going to be a bunch of elephants, a hippo, some trees, a cloud, and the sun. It’s… Nature-y. Yeah. Art takes forever to end.

When it did end, though, I realized I had another place to go to: Enlgish. English was spent discussing that ant story. And telling stories about broken noses. We really don’t do anything in there. Which is a plus.

Following the English, the first Photo Club meeting! Yay! We basically said that we couldn’t take club dues, and picked our subject of the month, people. Fun, eh?

So now I’m home, and my Trig homework was a lot easier than I expected. That is, assuming I did it right.

News of the Day:

*Let’s go to West Virginia


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