Another day in the life…

So, as you [hopefully] have noticed, I’ve been writing my entries a little differently lately (Really!)… What do you like better, this new way (Basically, a ‘Day in the Life’) or the old way (‘What I did’)?

If you have no idea, Compare This (New) and This (Old). I want your opinions. Got it?

Okay, anyway…

This morning, in Trig, we did some wonderful things. First, I pulled out my homework and we went over that. It was cool, I get it mostly right, until we went over the signs and I realized I had totally forgotten about quadrants. Oh well. Then, we did this crazy circle thing with sine and cosine that basically was signs, too. But I figured it out.

There was no TA today, so it was straight to Adv. Algebra. We went over the homework from that class (Functions in everyday life, basically), and it was cool. I got them all right, and functions seemed like something that’s actually useful in real life (Unlike Polynomial Long Division). After that, the test. The first question was easy. The second? Not so much. It was a system of equations that had to be solved graphically, by elimination, and by substitution. As much as I say I like systems of equations, it seems they always mess me up on tests. This question, worth 15 points, was very, very bad. I got three different answers. Yeah. So I went on, finished up the rest (which was, luckily, easy enough) and went back. Of course, I tried my elimination again, and there was a multiplication error. So, I fixed that, and got my substitution answer and elimination answer to be the same. Then, with a bit of ‘skill’, I basically forced my graph to hit the right point. >.>

After the test, it was straight to lunch. Lunch was pretty much the usual, with food and talking and stuff. There were a few things that stood out.

1. Liana hugged me. Though, luckily, not an attack on my life, it seemed… Out of place. Not that it bothered me.

2. When John and I ‘fought’. It ended with me kicking the Stargate book (*sob*), and this happening:

Me: NO! Now I’ll have to cut off my leg!
Blake: Don’t worry, you already have.

Ha, that was probably the best short joke I”ve heard in a while. And I hate short jokes.

As I usually mention in my entries, next was the overly evil Art class. We were supposed to finish the hand thing… My hands where ‘elephants’ marching through the ‘sun’. Not so easy to see, but still. We had to take this drug survey thing, so that took up 30 minutes… I was fine with that. We have 15 minutes tomorrow to finish the hand thing. After the survey thing, we hung out at 2nd lunch. Didn’t know anyone there.

Following art, there was a rather easy English session. We worked on this ACT packet, and then went over it. Yeah, that was it. Yep.

Again, I had a Model UN meeting to attend. Mr. Webb was there, and we actually debated (Basically me, Saudi Arabia, making fun of the French). And then my mom came, so I had to leave early. Yeah.

And, that covers my day. Don’t forget to tell me which way you like better.


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