Another day…


Uh, well, in Trig we went over some stuff… I didn’t have homework, but we have a quiz tomorrow. Nothing much to say.

Adv. Algebra was awesome, I got a 99 on my test, and I [assume I] got a 100 on my quiz. We’re working on quadratics, a quiz in there as well.

After Adv. Algebra, as usual, lunch. Nothing really happened at lunch today. Seriously.

Then, Art. Bleh. We worked on our ‘thumbnail sketches’ for our new shapes project thing. I also learned that Will likes Naruto. Which is good. Oh, and I got a 95 on my Art thing! Chris got a 98! I don’t know what I did wrong! Ugh! Stupid Mr. Hill. Speaking of Chris, I think Liana might kill him. Which is good, I don’t like when people try to kill me. <.<

English… ACT work. Some more. And we get our essays back tomorrow. She said some people had As, but I doubt it.

Okay, so this entry was short. Today went by fast, nothing really happened, and I’m tired… Yeah.

I might come on later and add to this… Maybe. But, for now, I have some homework to do.


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