Cheshil’s Super Bowl XL Champion Challenge

Super Bowl XL
Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Ford Field, 5:15 PM CST

Yes, it’s that one great Sunday in the year.

The Super Bowl (Go Steelers!) is a great game of high calibur teams (Go Seahawks!)…

As you all know.

Now, I’m sure all of you have teams you want to win, etc. etc.

I’m asking all of you guys to post a comment with your pick to win and a score. All comments will be screened.

Post the following (like this, please):

Your Name
Winner (Either Seattle Seahawks or Pittsburgh Steelers)
Final Score
Game MVP (Optional – Remember, the MVP is on the winning team!)
Company with Best Commerical (Optional)

Reason (Optional):

Got it? Good.

At 5:00 (15 minutes before game time), I’ll unscreen all of the comments and post my picks.

The closest at the end will recieve a currently undecided prize!


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