The woes of Trig…

This is a rant about trig. I wouldn’t suggest reading this unless you’re really bored.

Ha, so I remember signing up for the 4 math classes at the beginning of the year, my mom ‘helping’… She thought that Adv. Algebra and Algebra 2 were the same class. And, when I told her it would be 4 math classes and I promised I’d be able to do it, I was sure I would be.

Trigonometry. Calculator this, calculator that. I’m in Adv. Algebra the so-called ‘hard’ math class before pre-cal. My lowest grade in Adv. Algebra is a 95, that I got on a quiz. I got a 99 on a test, a 100 on another quiz, etc.

But trig? Not so good, not at all. My high grade in trig is an 89 (Wait, thinking about it, I got a 95 on something, but that wasn’t a quiz… It might count the same, though… But still). Yeah. Not good. The only reason I’m typing this out is because I need to vent, because I’m worried. I shouldn’t be, there’s more than enough time to pull up my trig grade, but I’m having trouble understanding it…

And that poses a problem. I know very well I’ll pass Trig with an A average, but at what cost? What I’m worried about is not actually learning anything, just cramming and hoping to get lucky… Which isn’t good. Unlike Algebra 2, where I started the same way, I don’t have enough time to get lucky towards the end. There’s no second quarter to trig… I have to get my grade up NOW.

And, there is only about 4 or 5 weeks left in the class. This shorter quarter thing is hurting very, very bad.

I thought about staying after school… But it’s Mr. Jones. I don’t understand half of what he says, and he doesn’t do the explaining thing very well. My mom was good at trig, she says, so I have to get her to help me.

It’s funny, this seems to happen a lot. I’ve just underestimated trig, I think. It reminds me of Geometry. I hated Geometry, and I did a lot worse in Geometry at the beginning.

Typing this out makes me feel a lot better, which is good. Whoever invented Trig/Geometry deserves to die.

It’s too bad Trig is required for like… Everything in this school, or I would probably drop it.

If you made it all the way down to here (I feel sorry for you), post a comment that says, “The blue fish catches the red pineapple if the green stream is willing.”

Okay, I’m done boring you with my pitiful problems.

Now that you’ve skipped that mess, I remind you that the Super Bowl is today.

Anyone who likes football or even cares in the least bit, check my next post…


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