Monday, how horrible you are…

Today began with an annoying Trig class, where we spent the first hour doing nothing. So, I read 1984.



After that agonizing hour of Trig, he gave back those stupid quizzes that I was worried about. I got a 91. ON A QUIZ THAT IS CALCULATOR USAGE. I got one part wrong, and that got me another 2 answers wrong. They should grade differently. But I guess I’m a bit biased. After that, we learned about this solving right triangles thing, which is stupid.

Next, to the power and majesty of Adv. Algebra! We’re learning about… PARABOLAS. Joy. I more than likely spelled ‘parabola’ wrong, but I’m not in the mood to look it up. In this great class, I learned about how graphing by hand is the most usless thing in the world, especially after the advent of the ‘GRAPHING’ calculator! But noooo, I still have to graph by hand. Yeah.

Finally, Lunch came. Ate inside to avoid Stylus, didn’t do anything. Tomorrow, I’m planning on eating in the library so I can do some Nepal-related stuff.

What comes after lunch? The dreaded Art, of course! We finished our drawings of ‘Mona’, Mr. Hill’s manequin that he likes to stroke and touch. No kidding. I got a 97 on my last project (surprising), but I’m going to get like a 70 on this ‘Mona’ thing. No kidding.

So, then, English. I did nothing in there, except for silly ACT prep. Oh, and Literary Terms grades. I got a 100. Yay.

THat about sums up my day. I’m tired… But yeah.


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