Well, it’s finally Friday, and another week has ended.

My day? Well, here’s how it went…

In usual fashion, I went to Trig first, where I spent the first 30 minutes studying for an incredibly easy quiz. And then more 1984.

Next, of course, is Adv. Algebra. Went in, got a grade from some assignment we did on… Wednesday. I think. Got a 97, and, if I’m calculating it right, I have a 103 average. Yeah, but anyway, we went over the homework I could barely understand. And, just my luck, we took a quiz on it that I probably failed! Bye-bye, 103 average! Suddenly, I realized… When I do good in Adv. Algebra (everyday up until toady), I do bad in trig… and vice-versa. So yeah.

After the evil quiz, I went to Lunch where we discussed the LotR: BFME2 TGJT (read below). And I ate.

Of course, after lunch comes the horrible Art. We painted, though, which wasn’t bad. In fact, we learned about values. It was fun, because I learned that ‘values’ are just gradients. And, since gradients = teh pwn, it was good. Except for the painting the gradients and not the using of Photoshop.

Things began to look grim after Art, as I went to English! We spent the first hour of the class reading. What fun! And then we talked about punctuation (Welcome back to 1st grade!) until the bell.

After school, I played some LotR: BFME2 demo. And I’m still losing.

Name: Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2
Type: LAN (Real-Time Strategy)*
Location: Cheshil’s House
People: Cheshil, Tony/Bruce (9th Grade Chris), Chris (10th Grade), and someone else (Blake?)**
Date: Mardi Gras? Undetermined.***

*There will be only two computers because of the high specs required for BFME2, mine and Tony’s. We will probably play a 2 Player-type match and have switch-offs. Like Empire Earth, except we’ll actually switch. More explained at actual TGJT.

**Tony and Chris need to be there, last person is still TBD, though Blake is first on that list. Comment if you want to be on the list, but remember that there will be only four people. Also, you need to have never played any of the games in the BFME series (besides the demo(s)) like me. If you comment, I’ll keep you informed.

***Mardi Gras only if everyone will be in town. Otherwise, we’ll plan a better date.


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