So, I’m back guys. As promised, I wrote down what happened. As to why I didn’t type it up yesterday… Well, you’ll just have to read.

So, we’re driving up. Some guy was tailgating Mrs. Hubal. Everyone just realized I was writing, because my pencil broke. Chris is telling a story about “stalkers”.

Hattiesburgh, half-way there. Discussing rooms… Joey has ADD. Or maybe SUBTRACT. Point proven. I have a CD, mini-DVD player doesn’t work. Joey is lost. He is ADD. Angry Ahmeds is coming up. *Cough* Tony takes drugs.

John just called. Tony is psycho. He laughs at books, because they tickle him. I am a member of the Socialist Party of America. Trying to find new members for Model UN: Blake? …

Joey Comment #1: *Out of Nowhere (They’re all like that)* That’s a big silo!
#2: Look at that big silo again!
#3: There are so many!
#4: That’s a very good run-on sentence, Mrs. Grimm would like that!
#5: Horses can’t swim, can they?
#6: Since [my sister] can’t ride me anymore…


So, we’re in Magee (30 minutes from our “final destination”)… We have less than that much time to get there. Stopped at McDonalds.

#7: Is this a city?

…Anyway… I had one of those premium spicy chicken sandwich things (no mayo, duh)… It was good.

#8: Horses! *Singing* I looove horses…

So, we’re officially late. But oh well.

5:15 – Still late, but in Jackson.

We have won the race to Jackson!

We’re here. Everything is messed up… Time changed, missed a meeting, my shoe died (wardrome malfunction!)… Getting new shoes, borrowed the Other Joey’s pair… The people here are nice… They spelled my name wrong on the name tag, getting that fixed… About ready to go to the Parade of Nations.

In session, parade over. Policy statesnts… Sweden Rap > All.

Session is over now, but it was crazy. It was separated into smaller groups for today only, so we could get a little practice. Somalia wanted all of America’s military and economic possessions. Joey was stupid, but everyone in our group liked mine. Our head person kept falling asleep. At one point, she said we had 15 minutes left and made us speed up… And then she told us she made a mistake and said we had one hour and 10 minutes left. So, since we finished early, we did random stuff. Told our favorite colors, bands, etc. …I mentioned… And then we when to this humanitarian simulation thing. Aboud AIDS. We roared, jumped, square danced…. Crazy. Before the simulation, I got new shoes that my uncle bought me.

We then talked (we didn’t order pizza) to people in the hall, and now we’re playing Lord of the Rings Risk.

Yeah, that game lasted like 30 minutes, and I had all of one turn. Tony took too long, and Joey is stupid. It’s 12:15 AM, yay.

The Discovery Channel is on. No Sci-Fi, no good channels… Not even the Food Network!

But I have my own bed.

Talking about math with other Joey… In writing, currently halfway through 2nd page (1st is front and back), and only on the first day.

So, it’s 1 AM. Now I sleep for 4 and a half hours.

6:50 AM. Good morning. Joey showers. We’re all tired.

About 8:30, breakfast over. Had some coffee, we meet in 30 minutes. Going back to the coffee place for lunch, 3 cheese grilled sanwich thing + tomato bisque = worth $6.75 (+ tax).

Back from 1st session of the day. Lunch was great. The General Assembly (GA) is much better than expected. Tony’s resolution came up. It tied, and a tiebreaker vote from the GA president passed it. I made a few good speeches. My proposal isn’t up yet. The GA is very relaxed, easier than expected.

The Global News Syndicate released one of their Newspapers. I am on the cover (Parade of Nations), along with Joey, The Other Joey, and Cat. w00t!

Highlights: The Sea of Japan is now the East Sea. Only one failed, Mozambique’s proposal.

We’re talking about playing Risk tonight, seriously. After this lunch break, another 4 hours of session. Then, Festival of Nations Banquet. Then, 2 1/2 more hours of session. Then some “World Game” Simulation. We are going to get pizza tonight.

Taking pics with Joey’s camera… The food was good, the people who went to Chick-Fil-A got Avian flu.

We tried to mingle… Joey is afraid of elevators. He wants to go to the 15th (top) floor. But he won’t go alone. Tried to buy Pepsi. They only had Brisk. Ordered cheese pizza. Joey got last Model UN T-Shirt. It has a typo… Comedy Central – BIBLE DUDE.

We finished the longest session of all. I still haven’t gone, and Rachel has called me many times. There was a drug resolution from Colombia, trying to make Cocaine legal. It failed, which was good.

And so, done with today. The banquet was really stupid.

My proposal came up, and did AWESOME.

I was nervous when I got up there, but my speech went well enough.

Yay – 32
Nay – 1
Abstain – 1

The GA president, trying to make things take longer, told his position. He said he liked mine, and liked teh Nepal clothes. The GA clapped for me twice, once after my sumation speech, and once a little later on. They didn’t do that for everyone. The GA president also said I was very well prepared.

Panama and Colombia tried to go to war. Panama said that he and the [male] GA president wanted to have babies. o_o

After the session, the World Game! Basically, it was a Risk/RTS hybrid. We formed a coalition with China, and probably won.

After that, we decided not to play Risk. We’re watching National Treasure on Starz. Tried to buy a drink, got Diet Dr. Pepper. Plan for tomorrow:

7:00 – Get Up
7:45 – Breakfast (Coffee)
9:00 – 11:00 – Session
11-12:00 – Awards
After: HOME!

Okay, so 2 days are over, and 2 full (front and back) pages, plus one front. I am writing in the dark. At 1:31 AM, I end this second day.

The morning session was cool. Joey was stupid, though. And not so much debate… At the end, Somalia had a case with the International Court of Justice in the GA. It was Somalia vs. the UN. He infected people with the Avian flu (remember lunch?)… The UN said it did not negotiate with terrorists, and called the infected people Martyrs for the UN. They died.

Then came the Awards ceremony. I got Outstanding Delegate and Clothing Awards. After, I wen to the bathroom and the GA President said I did awesome, and told me to do North Korea next year. I think I will…

Okay, so I’m on the way home. Unless something interesting happens, this is 3 pages front and back. OVER.

When I got home yesterday, the internet went down. I went to sleep. Next thing I knew, it was 2:50 AM. And so I slept. And now I am awake.


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