Well, today was the ever great day of progress reports. Since I am tired, I’ll go over this in a more or less ‘news of the day’ style. Again. Thursday, bug me to type it out all the way.


*92 on Progress Report. About what I expected, but not good enough. Make up quiz on Thursday.
*”Hard” graphing. I figured it out in like 5 minutes. Yay.

Adv. Algebra:

*96 on Prog Report without HW, 99 with.
*About a page and a half of notes on polynomials, which happens be be the same stuff we learned in Algebra II, except at the same time much more entertaining.
*Boring HW.


*Uh… Discussed TGJT and movie based games/game based movies. Yeah, that’s about it.


*He spent the entire period making us write out project names, and then gave us our grades.
*I have 50 extra credit points
*!SHOCK OF THE DAY! I have a 101 average.


*Did some random reading stuff with a worksheet.
*I have a 94 average.

News of the Day:

*I coined the term ‘Grimmfact’. A ‘Grimmfact’ is something Mrs. Grimm says that is either over-exaggerated or under-exaggerated.

That’s about it.


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