Today was long. Very long.

I’ll start off with this morning, when I said hi to Mr. Webb. He gave me a pass to be in the announcements. Yeah.

Following that, I went to trig, where we preceded to review stuff. Hard and boring and evil stuff. Stuff that I hate. With a passion. However, I had that pass from Monday (8:08 AM), and went to guidance. They said they didn’t know why they called me up and sent me back to class. Following the review, I went to be in the announcements, where I said ‘Let the good times roll’. Yeah, that was all.

After that exercise in boredom, I went to Adv. Algebra where we did a review of polynomial long division/synthetic division. Easy stuff, as usual. Homework. Bleh.

Next was lunch, where I did nothing really. Read some of Me Talk Pretty One Day to everyone. That book is hilarious. Buy it. Now.

Following that was Art, which involved us working on our ‘color’ things. Boring… Not so much.

Then, English. We read, as usual, and then checked our grammar stuff from the day I was absent (but I had already made it up =P). And then we read from our literature homework.

After school consisted of me spending an hour on my makeup trig quiz. It was easy though, just a lot of formulas.

I came home and did my Adv. Algebra HW, which was easy by looong. Yeah.

That’s about it.


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