The strange things you find in sand

So, I’m back.

Here’s how it went:

At first I didn’t see like anyone, and I did a whole bag… Which also included an attempt to pull out a rope they tie boats too. Yeah, that wasn’t smart.

About a few items into my second bag, I saw some people I knew. We then got this giant log thing out of the water and carried it to the walkway thing.

As we walked back towards our bag, *gasp* a piece of debris was found.

But it was buried.

One hour and twenty minutes and one and a half feet of sand later, we had the top of a dryer. One of those coin-op things.

It was so crazy. We were all realy dirty…

And we went near the bridge, and found a small boat thing. Didn’t dig that out, though.

We ended up going to Sonic to get lunch.

And now I’m back.


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