Today… Today was today and it was meh.

Today was the great quiz day in trig. Ugh. It was okay, actually. We got to use our sheet things (I didn’t really need mine, but still)… And, on my first round through the test, I answered 13 of the 16 questions. About 20 minutes later I answered another one… And then I sort of ‘made mistakes’ that gave me the answers on the last two. <.< I hope he doesn’t cound off too much.

After that was adv. algebra, which involved learning about another conic section, hyperbolas which are crazy little things. As usual, I had homework, but I got it done pretty fast, so it wasn’t that hard.

Lunch. Not much, but some people say my name a lot. *Looks at Stylus*. <.<

So anyway, I went to *Drum roll* art next. WE HAD A SUB. It was great. Our drawing things are done tomorrow… Mine isn’t all that bad. MOLA MONDAY IS COMING.

After that I spent a grimm (Yes, I can use that pun forever) hour and a half working on my essay in english. It was so boring, there’s only so much I can do. I was like… *Twitch* But yeah. That is also due tomorrow, is that great?

Anyway, this afternoon, I had SOMEONE ELSE drop out of AP Tabloid… <.< It’s not hard, I swear! Just try it, all it takes is an IM program, about 30 minutes, and a writing program! C’mon. You know you want to do it.


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