So, you guys.

The guys who come to the TGJTs? Yeah, you know who you are.

I need your help.

See, to put it in the simplest terms, I’m running out of motivation and ideas in the case of TGJTs.

So, here’s what I see:

Quick Poll:

Should we continue to have TGJTs or just go back to however many years ago and just play games?

If you want to continue TGJTs, mind giving me some ideas for games/scenarios that would be entertaining and that I wouldn’t have to own?

See, having a TGJT actually takes work. I have to have food, drinks, clean up once everyone is gone, make sure people write, and everything else…

And I’m losing the urge to do it, mainly because I can’t come up with ideas and have them all at my house all the time.

Can I get some help guys? Before, it was Jorge that helped, but he’s leaving. John also has helped a lot, but he to is leaving (But Congrats, John!)…

So yeah.

Please vote/help.


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