So here’s an idea.

In the name of drinking games, I’ve come up with a good one.

What it requires:

1. Energy drinks. Tons of them. Multiple kinds are good, too.
2. A video game that is about 5 hours long, entertaining, and that most people know about. It needs a story. Everyone gets to play bits, so it shouldn’t be anything that takes too much skill. Maybe an FPS.
3. The time should be midnight. The game should be over by seven AM.
4. A large TV, hopefully.

Rules for the game would be decided depending on the game you were playing.

It would be a good TGJT, if only we could come up with a million cans of energy drinks. And a game.

And a whole lot of other stuff.

Speaking of which… A GNT drinking game? Everytime I use Lee and use the super special, the person who is hit has to drink an entire can. Ha. <.<


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