So today was meh.

In astronomy we worked on teh poster. Pre-cal involved a 5 page take home test that is, in fact, two tests, so it counts for 4 grades. But, without that on there, I have a 93 average (with homework). Art. Meh. I got my Mola back and got a 90.

Grades at out table: 0 (Will), 89 (Freshmen), 90 (Chris, Me), 91 (Crystal)

English was reading day. Yeppp. Reading. But my book is stupid, so I stole Heather’s book and read that. It was good, too. Much better than mine. Ugh.

Then Model UN, where I realized that I like to say “The People’s Republic”, so I’m going to get annoying very fast. I mean, seriously, it’s powerful to say that The People’s Republic wants you to go to Cheshil.com. Really.

I got, get this, exactly 34% of my take home test today. There were 50 problems and I got 17 done. Haha, I plan on getting another 25-30 done tomorrow and finishing it Wednesday.

On the subject of my three big e-mails (Defcon Beta Tester, NIBRIS Interview, Myspace):

No replies yet, as expected.


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