So stuff.

Well, I am now a Sponsored+ user. There were ads, but Firefox + Adblock fixed that problem.

If you want to get rid of the ads as well and use IE, then go to and click the Firefox bar at the top and download it. Then, install adblock. Good stuff.

Sadly, the sponsored+ version of my template is really really stupid, so after like 2 years of a blue bar-ish template, I switch to a new one. Luckily, the coolest paid account template ever, Gradient Strip (or something to that effect), is now available to me. Yep. I have gradients on my journal, and I didn’t even do it myself.

So today was today. I’m gonna go on a walk soon, and then I shall work on my take home test. Yes.

Oh, I have a 102 in Astronomy…

OH. ACT scores!


For the April 8th test…

Test Score (1-36) Subscore (1-18)

English 28
Usage/Mechanics 16
Rhetorical Skills 14

Mathematics 27
Pre-Algebra/Elementary Algebra 16
Int. Algebra/Coord.Geometry 13
Plane Geometry/Trigonometry 13

Reading 32
Social Studies/Science 17
Arts/Literature 15

Science 31

ACT Composite: 30

Yes! Now, all I need to do is get it up a bit…

That is all.


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