So, here’s more of a realistic entry.

Basically, I just spent a few minutes reading some random entries from the past of this journal. From 2004, actually.

Hehe, it’s interesting to see how much I’ve changed.

I mean, from the way I say things to what I actually say. It’s pretty funny, in one of my posts I mention that I started to play tennis and stuck with it. Ha, that lasted a while.

Actually, I’m curious as to when some of these are from. In retrospect, the Russian font wasn’t that great of an idea. Psh, when has that stopped me?

Вторник Июль 13-ое 2004
“…then I’ll get Tales!

I’ll play all day. YAY.”

That’s from right before I got Tales of Symphonia. And I wasn’t kidding, either. Heh…

It also appears that on Воскресенье Декабрь 5-ое 2004 (No, I have no idea either) I became Eduardo. o_o

And, finally, on Воскресенье Ноябрь 21-ое 2004 I watched Interceptor Force 2.
“There’s an alien… And they shot it with a GIANT POINTY BLADE, and then used a RANDOM INVISIBLE ENERGY GUN to make it into a puddle.”

That movie is awesome.

This and This show some of the ways I’ve changed through typing. For example, compare the answers to 3 and 5. Said the same thing, but in a different way. *Shrug*


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