Another Day

I’m going to go over today, as it was semi-interesting.

This morning started with astronomy and the returning of tests and papers. Got a 104 on the test. Also got progress reports… I have a 99.8, which is a 100. We then worked on microviewer things… Which involved looking at slides and filling out sheets. So boring.

The next class was pre-cal. We spent the entire period doing the logarithm quiz. I got a 95, and it replaced my terrible 79. So, now, my average is like a 95. Which is good.

Lunch was uneventful.

Unlike regular days, instead of art, I went to third block French I to go on the field trip to Rene’s and skip art. We walked there and I got my sandwich. Though it had mayo on it, it was pretty good. I spent the rest of the block wasting time by talking to everyone. Yep.

After that, life turned grim… And I went to English. We (nearly) finished watching Merlin, which is pretty BORING. That’s all we did. Oh, and I got a 73/76 on the Julius Caesar test, which is like a 95… And is better than most people in the class.

After school, the Model UN meeting began. A bunch of new people, which is always good. I am the co-president, as well. Gabe is the other half of the co-presidency. Devon is VP, Joey the Sec. and Tony is the Reporter thing. Yeah.

Hm, that’s about it.

P.S.: Jorge, you may want to come in July, not June.


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