This is Rachel

I don’t want to do this, but cheshil is going to make me. So. I arrived here on Tuesday evening. I got off the bus and got my bag and cheshil just APPEARED behind me. Apparently, he didn’t believe I was that tall. I AM. We went to the store or something to get stuff. Then we went to his house. I called my mom to tell her that I hadn’t been raped yet, so she was pretty much happy for the rest of the night.

Fast forward to thursday. (All we did wednesday was go to cheshil’s ortho appointment) We went to a mall in Biloxi. Apparently, cheshil hates shopping. With a passion. It was mildly entertaining watching him squirm as his mom and I looked at clothes and jewelry and stuffs.

And then friday. Miles and Tim came over and we kinda hung out and stuff. Everyone (BUT ME 😦 ) played Oblivion. We also played SSBM, the naruto game and I owned Tim at dig dug. I’m just awesome at that. I know ,I know. No need to applaud.

Saturday. I went over to Ian’s house before the show (which I couldn’t go to. Again, 😦) Apparently, everyone thought I was like…sick or something, since I didn’t talk much. Nah, I’m just sorta shy. I warmed up a bit (I think) after my hour-long, slightly-weird conversation with alyssa. Oh, and I petted Tim’s hair. Pwnage, right there.

Sunday (today) NOTHING. that’s what I did. ‘

Tomorrow Tim is coming over to swim…That should be interesting. Also, six hour pet session? Eh? Eh?

Tuesday I don’t know what we’re doing.

I’m leaving wednesday at like 9:00.

I don’t write these entry things well…

And there’e no more cake left. 😦


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