Nothing Really.

It’s been cool seeing Jorge and Francis and having everyone hang out together again. Yeah.

I think tomorrow is “Work on AP work” day… Or something.

But anyway it looks like i’m better than everyone at Super Smash Bros. Melee and now I have no reason to play.

Yeah, I’m bored.

Hm… School starts soon, schedules tomorrow… I’m not looking forward to this year.

There’s actually nothing to look forward to… Hard classes, a lot of work… Meh. No, nothing at all to look forward to any more.

Okay, now I’m going to talk about the ‘next LAN TGJT’ which is not nearly very soon and more than likely will fail as a TGJT.

Okay. I’ll start with what I’m billing as “The Next LAN TGJT”.

It’s going to be a LAN TGJT about the RTS I’ve been babbling about for over a year now, Supreme Commander. SupCom doesn’t come out until early 2007, so, as incredibly idiotic as this sounds, the next LAN TGJT is set for summer 2007. That’s right, a year of planning.

According to John, at his current estimates we’ll be able to either do a 2v2 (All humans) or a 3v3 (4 Humans, 2 Comps). I’ve been collecting Spec Sheets and info for interested parties… Since there will be 4 humans at minimum, I’ll be selecting two people besides John and I.

The goal, however, is to add some new people into the mix. We’ll be having substitues who, if I had a choice, would not have any experience at the game, just to make it interesting.

It’s way too early to see if that’ll work or not, but still. This LAN TGJT, like Empire Earth, would involve staying up all night at John’s, which I know will automatically limit the potential participants.

Anyway, on the subject of TGJTs… Do you people even want to do any more of them? I’m out of ideas that don’t involve computers. Seriously. No ideas at all. NOTHING. Just, please, if you’re interested, send me some ideas or something. Force me to work on it.

I’d also like to train someone else on the ways of running a TGJT (“PAUSE IT! GO WRITE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!”) because I don’t want to be at all of them…

I’m sure you guys are still interested. Just suggest some games or something.

As in, comment with some game names. Console games. Games that you already have or are planning to get.


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