So yesterday I moved some stuff into my room.

I stuck a bookshelf in there for my books (obviously)… And I also put the treadmill in there.


Yesterday and today I spent my time working on CCOM and stuff. I’ve got some good ideas, but no way to spread them since so few TGJTers visit the forum and spreading them through IM is annoying.

Check out the new CCOM. Nice template (with another you can switch to)… It seems a lot more CCOM-ish… Grey and white weren’t CCOM. Blue and white, though, is totally CCOM. Always has been, always will.

But seriously, guys, Titan Quest would make an awesome TGJT because you only need one copy of the game. Yeah.

Anyway, tomorrow is school.

The only thing that I’m hoping will happen tomorrow will be a mircale – no homework. Of course, I doubt that’ll happen.

Also, tomorrow I put the ‘tabletopia’ plan into action. I’m pretty sure 99% of you know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, ask. Unless you’re Stylus, in which case don’t.

Speaking of Stylus and related nicknames, I don’t know what Freshmen’s new nickname will be.

Something to think about, I guess.


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