Begin: Level 11

So… The ever important first day. I’ll go over it in my usual format.

As I always begin the school year, I woke up early and got ready. After meeting everyone (and beginning my plan to go outside), the bell finally rang and it was time for TA. TA was what it always is: a waste of time.

Finally, an hour later, the bell rang for Sociology. The only thing Mr. Zipperer could really say was that the class was easy. I think I agree.

Of course, that class ended and I went to AP US History (As of now, it is APUSH). Mrs. Sanders seems nice enough, if not a little… Crazy. Seriously, a bison? Wtf. But anyway, this starts my homework for the day. I have a paper to read plus two paragraphs to write, followed by some book reading. Next week, I have three quizzes in APUSH. Lame. But something tells me that despite the work I’ll enjoy this class… But don’t hold me to it.

Anyway, I went to Calculus next. Luckily it was nice and slow. A lot of familiar faces, actually… There are three juniors in the class, counting me. We got books and did what 99% of all math classes seem to cover now, slope and slope formula… But they at least made it seem calculus-y by using delta, which is a cool little triangle. That’s delta, in all his little glory. Basically, we had some easy homework and I finished it.

I’m going to take a quick break and announced that calculus-y is a new word, to fit with the likes of Grimmfact.

Cal·cu·lus·y (Cal-que-luss-ee) – ADJ. Something that is calculus-y is something that is easy or basic, but appears complicated, new, or confusing by the addition of (but not limited to): new symbols, words, names of creators, Greek letters.

Now, back to my day. Lunch was fine, I guess. I reclaimed my table and even had a tax free day today. Went to find Mrs. Powell and failed, but I did see Hirschman.

Anyway, Anatomy & Physiology. Seriously, I think anatomy may be my hardest class… Learning wise, I mean. All 206 bones, some 40 muscles… But it should be awesome. Dissection is cool and I already have an edge with my dad who’s job it is to know all of this stuff.

No bus problems, so that’s all.


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