Teeth, Grades & Phones

Let’s see…

I got my APUSH test grade back. I got a 96, and that is yet again the highest in the class. Once, maybe, twice, whoa, but THREE times? In a row? I’m really not that great at history. Weirdddd. Maybe the outlining really helps me or something.

Also, I forgot to mention last week, tomorrow = braces off day. My two and a half years of… brace-age… are about over. Awesome.

Anyway. Today, my new phone came in. It’s a nice shiny A900. It’s just been activated, so I need to put all of my numbers back in and stuff.

Which reminds me. I don’t plan on turning my old phone on again, so if you’ll just call me or somehow send me your number again (if you so wish), that’ll make my life easier. Remember – if I have your number, I can call you when stuff comes up, like… uh… Get togethers. And… Stuff.

My number hasn’t changed.


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