It’s Yet Another Friday

I’m typing this in for the second time. My keyboard is so useless.

I have a 95 in APUSH and did so-so on my Calculus test, leaving me with a 90 average.

Also, the first game is tonight. I won’t be going, of course, but still. In like 3 weeks I’ll start going. Need to get some people to start going, though.

Hm… Yesterday in Company of Heroes, Jorge, Mike, and I got pwned by an easy computer. They had tanks in 5 minutes. WTF.

That’s about it.

Oh, wait. Pep Rally. Half of our class is dumb, but so is everyone else, so it’s okay.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. My house, 2:00, Sunday. Study group thing for the APUSH test. Feel free to come.


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