I guess I’ll go through my day since I don’t do that often enough.

My morning begins, as usual, with sociology. Basically we watched the entire Bioterror movie I saw in Chemistry last year from the beginning to the end. We actually started watching it on Friday, too. Funny thing, though, is that it deals with the Smallpox thing almost exactly the same way as The Demon in the Freezer. *Shrug*

Okay, next is my love-hate relationship with APUSH. Mrs. Sanders wasn’t there, so I got to do the evil dumb packet thing. Oh well, I finished it after school, though that last page is the definition of annoying. How are we supposed to support it if it’s not all in the book?

Annnnyway, it’s on to calculus. Sandwich Theorem, which is basically a way of saying “if it’s inbetween two graphs, it has the same limit”. Yeahhh. There was some funny stuff said in the class today, but I don’t remember. Also, we did… Uh… Behavior limits? Uh… Oh, it’s “Right/Left Behavior Models” which are okay. Of course, our second example involved “e^infinity / infinity^2″… And let me tell you, that is not calculus-y. Seriously, it was just like ‘wtf’. Oh, but anyway, who ever said calculus was hard should see my homework.

“53. 0
55. 0”

Yep. Talk about the easiest 2 minutes of my life.

Okay, at lunch I went to work on the Newspaper website. I know have an “Online Editor’s Manual” (No joke) and according to Gabe, I’m officially a member of the staff. Awesome.

To end my day, I went to Anatomy. Skeletal system ftw. Seriously, I learn so much in that class and I can’t believe I enjoy it. I got a 95 on my test, thought I’d add that before I forget. Anyway, we learned some 25 bones, along with some processes and sutures and such. Pretty cool stuff. Also, vomer is a cool word.

Uh… I finished my homework in an hour, so that’s good. Nothing else to add, I guess.

EDIT: Ha, some clips from the Making of the 200th Episode special-ish thing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=praAJuXtJ3A – Practical Jokes – Watch the whole thing.

200th Episode – Teal’c PI

Ah, even better – 200th episode transcript.


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