Debates and Games

Well, I’ve got some calculus and A&P work, so I’ll make this quick.

At lunch I talked with Mrs. Sanders about the Debate thing (semi-team, actually) which could help lead to the creation of the ‘best class ever’. We went over it and I basically got to pick the people who would be “invited”. Uh, it’s a pretty small list, but I’ve picked some people I think can do well.

We’re going to a novice tournament on Friday, Sept. 22 and Saturday, Sept. 23 at Mississippi State. Mrs. Sanders is hoping to get the school to pay for rooms, but we’re not sure about that… Rooms aren’t that expensive, though, and it’s a $1 fee to actually participate.

I haven’t checked it, but the site is NFL being National Forensics League.

Also, some quick links.

Defcon, coming in Sept. Pick it up on Steam… I know I will.

Supreme Commander Related…

The Galactic Colossus is one of the Aeon’s experimental units. It’s twice the size of the Cybran’s spiderbot thing.

In all of it’s glory.

Its beam attack.

This is after it survived FOUR nukes.

Points of interest:

*Showing the GUI for the first time
*It has 240k health
*”Tech 3 Sacred Assault Bot” – I found that funny.
*The percentages. Any ideas what they mean?


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