Had an APUSH test today, think I did pretty good.

Anyway I saw someone in the hall and he called me “Cheshio” which is hilarious because it was a nickname I got in French… Last year? I think it was last year. Someone wrote my name like that and suddenly it became a dumb (though funny) nickname. Thought I’d mention it.

In anatomy someone (Heather Talbot, to be specific) made fun of me. She didn’t mean to, but it was pretty funny… Like, here’s how it went.

We were practicing our bone-learning. Someone went up, picked a bone, picked a person, and the person had to close their eyes and recognize the bone by it’s feeling alone. So someone picked me and then… Well, here’s how it happened.

Heather: Cheshil, why aren’t you at the cookout?
Me: *Opens mouth but doesn’t say anything*
Joey: You just called him a Sophomore!
Heather: No, wait, he just looks like Umair who sits right there! *Points to seat in front of me*
Joey: And now you’re beaing a racist!

It was actually pretty funny… Though sort of annoying. Haha, I got the bone right.


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