Apparently I looked like I lacked sleep…

Today… Today. A day that proved I do way too much for free.

My morning, obviously, Sociology. I shouldn’t even add this because we don’t do anything in this class… Today we read a section out loud and read the newspaper forever.

Next, APUSH. We turned in vocab (I got one wrong but still)… Yeah, we got the first part of the test back and Mrs. Sanders made sure to mention about how she used me as a standard and told people they did better than me… Was that supposed to make me feel good? I still did good, but I’d rather not have her telling people they did better or worse than me…

Also, we did notes on Jefferson (Or, in the words of someone in my class, T-Jeff).

Oh, yes, onto the really interesting part – debate. Mrs. Sanders said she’s going to be spending that weekend with her husband, so it’s a no-go for MSU in a few weeks. I guess it’s okay, though I was looking forward to it. She’s picked out another one in November… It’s not novice, though, so it’ll be interesting. She also gave me the Youth Leg info… I have to go over it and learn about it and then talk to Mrs. Hubal about it… It’s also in November. This is also the first part of “I do too much for free”.

Anyyyway, my next block was Calculus. Continuities. Let’s see if I spelled that right… Yep, I did. Uh… They’re basically another limit related thing. Some of it makes no sense and some of it makes perfect sense… On my homework, man, I knew how to do some of those 100%. That’s a good feeling.

What next? Lu– No, wait, Newspaper Website. I took the job because I thought I’d at least get proper info… But Mrs. Hardy makes no sense. I should totally be paid for this. I’m doing this site tonight apparently to get it done by the 7th for some launch party for the paper. If I’m not invited I’m going to be mad because it seems like I do more work than the people on the staff… But I guess this will make a good reference on my resume. Hopefully.

Anyway after that, Anatomy… Skeleton review. I’m actually pretty good at it, except for those tarsals! Gah. And I need to work on my ethmoid/spenoid/styloid process/mastoid process/temporal knowledge. Test is tomorrow… I should ace it, as long as I can recognize stuff well enough… Take anatomy you guys. All you. It’s awesome. Seriously.

So tomorrow is going to be awesome (UN Debate ftw!)… But I still have to do my vocab/outlining for tonight.

But anyway my resolution is awesome. It’s basically India insulting Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea… I was going to throw in a part about Kashmir but I decided it was a little off topic… If not very India-like. Did you know that the US has a treaty (awaiting ratification) that basically says India can continue creating nuclear bombs? Awesome stuff.

I got PSAT info today and I get to spend my next few weekends getting ready to own that because ‘it’s one of the most important tests’ I can take in my life. . . Yeah, yeah, you’d think they would’ve told me enough. I plan on signing up for the October ACT and then hopefully getting something high enough (…36.) so I won’t ever have to worry about it again.

And also since I really don’t want to do my homework I’m going to talk about college.

Well I got something last week from Cornell, which is totally awesome because Cornell is Ivy League and in New York.

I’ve been told by my parents that the University of North Carolina at Chaple Hill is supposed to be good… But I’m undecided on that. All I know is that I’m not going to college in this state. Noooo way.

Also, I got a letter from “Bethel College” today. They’re pitiful, it says if I’m one of the first 100 to respond for more info I get a pen… I totally hope I get the pen.

Okay well I guess that’s as far as I can stretch this. It’s been over 30 minutes, haha… But yeah.

I’m feeling a bit down today (or the last few weeks in general), so I’m going to watch Prétear episode 8 (or was it 9?) tonight. Because it’s awesome and it’s been like a year since I first saw it.


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