Sci-Fi Greatness

Today I watched Serenity, which is Sci-Fi based on Firefly, a canceled TV show.

It’s pretty good, if not a little… Hard to get. But I think that’s because I haven’t seen Firefly. It also shows the hope of people campaigning to get their favorite CANCELED TV show made into a movie.

In fact, I liked it enough to consider picking up the DVD box set – it’s only 14 episodes, so it might be worth checking out… If I could afford it, anyway.

Speaking of stuff I can’t afford, I’m looking into picking up Medieval 2: Total War, because it looks awesome.

And since Medieval 2: Total War has to do with countries, I move on to Model UN (That was a great transition, admit it!)… Or, in this case…

The Mississippi Model Security Council in Starkville. It’s in February, but I think we can learn how to follow their rules. This one will probably be a bit more selective on who gets to go compared to Jackson… Oh, and MSMS (AKA John) goes to this one.

So yeah, I still have a bit more outlining to do, then work on that dumb packet, and then studying for a Calculus test.


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