Today was semi-uneventful. I had a test and basically took a ton of notes…

In sociology, we totally did nothing. The newspaper, as we seem to do pretty often, was the topic of discussion as we read it and talked about it’s impact on sociology. Yep. And we started our new chapter (or read maybe 4 paragraphs is more realistic)… In accents. Yes. Accents. It was hilarious.

It was good to have Mrs. Sanders back in APUSH, because that sub was horrible. We went over some of the packet… On the quiz/review thing in there… GAH. I got two wrong. It’s my goal to at least get a 100 on ONE of them. >.< …And then lecture notes, yay. More stuff about T-Jeff, followed by Madison and the War of 1812. The War of 1812 is awesome in the fact that it relates to Michigan, hence I know some of it from my Michigan-learning in 5th grade… The battle of Detroit, the Canadian invasion, Oliver Perry… Yep.

Since we took our chapter test in calculus yesterday, today was the beginning of chapter 3… On derivatives! Derivatives are basically another way to do the average rate of change/slope of a curve/slope of a tangent. But yeah. She made us do some incredibly long problems while we tried to figure out the short cut. Incredibly long as in turn-your-paper-sideways-and-try-to-simplify-it-and-it’ll-take-you-more-than-one-line. Yeahhh. We also had to learn a bunch of rules (d/dx)(c) = 0 etc. Yeah… We have a rules quiz tomorrow which I need to ace… Not too much HW, only a few problems left.

Not much to say about lunch. I ate… Talked about MUN… Yep.

I had an anatomy/physiology test today on the physiology of bones (marrow and such)… I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think I got a 100. After the test I finished this muscle sheet I started yesterday (Next chap is muscle anatomy) and copied down tomorrow’s muscle notes. I could’ve gone even further ahead but I made the smart choice to work on my calculus homework.

I think that about covers it. Tomorrow is the quiz and MUN meeting, and that quiz. Thursday is the APUSH test and I’m sure SOMEONE will put some form of test on Friday.

To finish…

News of the Day:

*ToeJam & Earl on the Wii’s Virtual Console
*New iPod Nano/Shuffle, Brighter Video iPod, New iTunes Store and more.


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