So lately it feels like people are being a lot more critical of me, but I think that’s just me being hypersensitive.

The Panthers lost again today. I hate Chris Gamble with a passion.

So on Monday I can totally skip the entire day if I so chose with an administrative absence because I’m on some ‘School Improvement Committee’. Apparently it’ll take an entire day to come up with a new mission statement and ‘other things’. Of course, being an APUSH student, I’m not skipping APUSH, nor will I skip Calculus because I really want to understand what’s going on.

Otherwise, I’m skipping 1st and 4th block. Hopefully it won’t be dumb.

In other news, I’m attempting to save up my money for a Wii. I probably should’ve done that a while back, but whatever.

Oh, I’m part of the pantheon of Arthmodeism (90% of the people in APUSH noticed the word ‘deism’ in there) aka Miles’s religion. Yes.

UB 313 (Called Xena by the collective morons of Earth) has been officially named Eris. Works well enough, I think. Its satelitte is now named Dysnomia.

In semi-astronomy related news, I’m totally going to watch Independence Day one of these weekends. I swear, I need to. I haven’t since June, which is a tragedy.

Also: Guitar Hero TGJT. When and who, Liana?


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