Busy… After School, Anyway.

Today was uneventful schoolwise, but I’ve been doing a ton of stuff after school.

For one, I’ve decided I need to start listing what all I need to do… Such as, for example, the PSAT practice test. Maybe I’ll do that on Thursday… Yeah, Thursday.

Let me go through today before I talk about what all I’ve done since school ended.

First block is the boring international business… The class goes by fast, mainly because I’m tired and we search google a lot. Yeahhh. Mrs. Asher creeps me out… I just hope I’m on her good side.

Second block? Well, in APUSH Mrs. Sanders was back, which was pretty good… Schedules for the rest of the semester, along with no more outlining… But the reading seems to take forever, too. APUSH went fast today, too, so that’s good. And, I’m actually looking forward to reading the book she assigned… “Looking Backwards” or something like that. Socialist Utopias entertain me. Speaking of which, I AM NOT A SOCIALIST. I enjoy the philosophy, that’s it. . Also, everyone already thinks I’m going to like the book because apparently my only job in life is to enjoy APUSH. My class makes no sense to me.

To continue my day, Calculus took me to a new level of “Huh?” before proving Mrs. Zeigler makes everything hard. We were talking derivatives of e^x, a^x, x^x, ln x, log(a) x and so on… Yeah. Confusing stuff. I kept like… dozing in the middle. So so boring… ANd so confusing. I’ll go into detail about it when I talk about homework.

Lunch! I talked… Already had eaten… Sat with Britney, etc… Something should happen at lunch sometime soon… Maybe the smoothie thing.

After leaving Britney at APUSH, I went to Anatomy & Physiology… We continued the nervous system, which is awesome by the way. We did the whole ‘sobriety’ test things… I failed two of them. Don’t start. Notes on the cerebrum and the spinal cord! Yes, I do enjoy it. Take Anatomy if you want to learn a ton about… well… everything. Everything that relates to the human body. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but TAKE IT. It’s such a great class.

Anyway, after school…

Calculus homework. Sure, I was in and out of sleep throughout most of the lecture, but I think I got all of 2 wrong. Out of like 20. That’s good enough for me. Psh.

APUSH Reading. I don’t enjoy this at all. At least when I was outlining I felt like I was doing something. Reading… Meh.

I still have the following to do:

*Three Birthday Cards (2 Tonight; 1 Tomorrow Night)
*Wal-Mart (Food & Supplies / Stuff)
*APUSH Essays? Meh, haha, this is what I’ll be doing tomorrow night.

Yeah. I can’t wait ’till Friday and Saturday.


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