Homecoming last night was so amazing.. Everything went smoothly, unless I forgot something… Though I doubt that.

Highlights (In Absolutely No Order):

*Tony dancing – whoa.
*The “harem” pic, as I dubbed it – I’ll upload it sometime
*Apparently I was dancing dirty… Haha, I couldn’t tell.
*Seeing everyone! Especially my big sister.
*…Actually dancing.
*Britney’s dress. It was so beautiful!
*The ‘WTF’ pic… Haha
*Only like 4 or 5 slow songs – kind of annoying, really.

Hm.. So yeah, it was really really great. Obviously, at least 100 times better than last year.

Whenever I get done resizing the pics, I’ll upload them and post ’em.

Also – the Algebra vs. Geometry poll… Interesting thing. If you voted geometry, you’re probably more right brained, which makes sense if you look at who voted geometry. If you voted Algebra, you’re more left brained, AKA me. Intesting way to look at it, eh?


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